Do you have an iPhone and want to play? With a trick and a function that you don’t use yet, it turns into a real console to take anywhere.

For those who love games The solution that is often given is to buy a console. For example, if you own an Xbox you can download the Game Pass app and play as you like.

Play with iPhone as if it were a Playstation or an Xbox! – Sjbeez

But have you ever really tried to play with the Microsoft service app using the touch controls that some games make available on the screen? If the answer is yes, it is very likely that you are looking for an alternative system so that your iPhone can truly transform into a console and allow you to play wherever you want, with the same convenience as when you are at home. Everything you need is already in your possession.

The trick we show you actually works with iPhone systems and you don’t have to install anything special. As an additional element, however, you must have a controller available. It can be the second controller of your Xbox or a third-party controller bought for a few euros. If your controller can do this you can play wherever you want. Let’s see how.

How to turn your iPhone into a console with one touch

We mentioned the Xbox video game subscription service but even without bothering other companies, there are now some video games that have a version designed specifically for Apple mobile devices. Regardless of what your favorite games are and where you go to find them, the procedure we propose does not change and allows you to literally have what you like at your fingertips wherever you are, even on the train or at a friend’s house.

iPhone with a controller and games wherever you want – Sjbeez

To be able to play with the iPhone as if it were a console, what you need to do is connect the controller to the iPhone via Bluetooth. By activating and making the controller visible on your mobile phone you will be able to connect and use it. But not only. When the mobile phone recognizes the presence of the controller, among the settings you will find a specific item called “video game controller”.

In this specific section you will find not only information relating to the controller you have connected, for example the battery, but also the video games with which you can use the iPhone and controller combination. With the Apple smartphone you can therefore play in total autonomy but not only that. For some titles the mobile screen can be very small and this is why another function already present on your smartphone can help you further improve the experience.

By connecting the iPhone to the TV screen, broadcasting what you see, you can play as if you had an entire console in your hands. Just pay attention to any lag that the connection may generate. Something that can be solved quickly with a cable.