Xbox Game Pass has entered what could be its best year yet with the injection of Activision-Blizzard games: confirmed titles.

Now that everything has been made official and put in black and white and the giant Activision Blizzard King is officially part of the large family of Xbox studios, Game Pass, and with it all users, can’t wait to see the titles that will be released on the service by subscription.

Call of Duty and more arrives on Game Pass – photo via Microsoft

Game Pass is proving to be a model that (at least for Microsoft) works well. There have been some periodic peaks of controversy but the number of subscribers continues to grow and, even without being early fans, it cannot be denied that the offer is rich and varied and above all capable of satisfying the needs of an extremely large audience and demographically broad.

For this reason, what users want in 2024 has resulted in a very long list. And from this very long list, many games have already been more or less confirmed. At the beginning of 2024 we know, for example, that Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Resident Evil 2 will arrive in the remake version but there will also be many Indie games and between large and small titles the year that has just begun risks undermining everyone’s social life.

What’s coming to Xbox Game Pass in the next 12 months?

Doing some math, there are currently around 40 games expected to arrive as day one releases on the Xbox subscription service. But it’s clear that there are many others for which the release date is still shrouded in a slight fog. However, we know that they will be there.

Not just Bethesda, war will break out inside Game Pass! – (Xbox photo) Sjbeez

Therefore, alongside the titles already announced, we know that in 2024 we will see the highly anticipated Hellblade 2, which apparently was also the inspiration for some of the most famous studios Sony PlayStation, Avowed, 33 immortals, the second chapter of Citizen Sleeper, Microsoft Flight Simulator in the new version, the extraordinary Hollow Knight Silk Song and then Stalker 2 and Replaced.

And all this without going on to look at what will be the titles deriving directly from the presence of Activision Blizzard and King in the roster of development teams and publishers. There are those who bet that Call of Duty will finally arrive but in reality the three-headed giant that has held sway in the gaming news does not live only on CoD. It is worth remembering that there is in fact a whole historical library of characters.

How impossible would it be, for this reason, to see, for example, the chapters of Crash Bandicoot or Spyro return in the form of great classics? Since Xbox Live Gold has been missing for a while now, in which historical titles periodically converged, for those who appreciate going back in time every now and then, Game Pass could also become the home of these nostalgia operations. And CoD.