Are you sure you’re using Word at its best? Here are two tricks from Microsoft’s tool that will change your life.

Microsoft’s Office package is by far one of the most useful and appreciated of all. Whether for work, education or even just for fun, the many programs available within it have entered the common imagination thanks to their many unique features and tools. Just think of what you can do with Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

Two Word tricks that will change your life

Today we are talking specifically about Microsoft Word, the program par excellence that is used when you need to write a text, a book, a thesis, an official document and so on. If you use it often, you will most likely think you already know all its secrets. But in reality this may not be the case! Here are two hidden tricks that will change your life, they are exceptional.

Two Word tricks you need to know: here’s how to best use them

Even Microsoft’s Word hides some significant functions that deserve to be explored in depth. Because if used to the fullest, they could even change your life, leading to significant time savings. Just follow this quick guide and perform all the necessary steps to activate them. You will no longer be able to do without them once you have discovered the potential they have to offer you.

Here’s how to best use these two secret Word tricks

The first concerns the possibility of having your text read aloud by the artificial voice. To do this, just open the View section first and then tap on the Immersive Reader icon. Here there should be a button called "Read aloud". Click on it and, as if by magic, Word will start reading what you have written. Very useful for concentrating, understanding how everything sounds, highlighting any errors and so on.

Another very interesting trick that will save you time, especially if you don’t feel like typing characters on the keyboard or are slow at doing so, is the one for Dictation. Still from the Immersive Reading Tools, go to the right and there will be the appropriate button to start the recording with the microphone. Try to pronounce the words well and speak out loud, so that every single word will be recorded and translated into textual content in your Word file.