There’s a secret setting that lets you get instant answers with Google. This saves you time and effort.

There are a long series of tools made available by Google that could be very useful if you need to carry out an online search. Over the years, the team of developers has improved its search engine, going beyond the simple results that are shown by entering keywords.

Google has a series of secret search tools

In fact, you should know that there have long been some secret settings that can be activated in a few seconds and provide immediate answers that deserve your attention. In particular, there are some that we will tell you about that will save you time and effort. After trying them you will never go back, you can say goodbye forever to free or paid third-party apps and programs.

Immediate responses from Google? You must use these settings

These are some settings that no one ever talks about but which are already available within Google. To exploit them, just open the search engine and enter some very specific words or phrases. So you can access extra tools that are already available by default on the official Big G website. Without you having to use third-party sites or programs, everything is at your fingertips.

How to make the most of the Google search engine

The first useful trick involves entering the wording Google Tuner, which gives you access to a tool for tuning the guitar, complete with a microphone to listen to how the various strings sound. From here, scrolling down you will find other features such as the dice, meditation, spinner and virtual coin to make heads or tails.

The shortcut to get information on the routes to follow is also very interesting. Just search for “from city to city” in the appropriate bar and you will be shown a preview of Google Maps. You can also specify the means of transport for more details. Trick that also applies to the weather, by entering the city you are interested in and obtaining all the information you need.

It is also useful to do this to know the local time of a particular city, particularly if there is a time zone. If, however, you need a calculator, just search for it on Google and you will be shown a convenient interface with a system for making calculations of all kinds, including equations. Finally, let’s talk about the measurement unit converter, useful for knowing all the numbers you need based on the selected unit.