Another historic iPhone is coming: secret functions and much more with the next Capture button. Apple prepares the big surprise.

Di always says that the next smartphone will be better. It has become customary in this slightly tech and somewhat smart world: we need to invent something different (in small doses, from year to year) given the now infinite demand. Above all, competition dictates this: in the case of Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi are racing.

The super camera of the iPhone 15 Pro Max: Apple’s top – photo source – Sjbeez

Apple always goes at its own pace, convinced of its own style but also ready to change. Thus, if the iPhone 15 will be remembered as the first iPhone with a USB-C connector instead of the Lightning one, the next iPhone 16 could become unique for the Capture Button. A button that Cupertino has been working on for practically a year.

Net of an AI that is increasingly hyped, as Samsung has demonstrated with its Galaxy S24s which can already be pre-ordered, the Capture button could be another great innovation from Apple in view of next September. A button that was part of the so-called Bongo project, canceled by Apple, but more specifically revolutionized.

iPhone 16 and the Capture Button: one of the strong points of the next iPhones. Not the only one

Everyone is now convinced that Apple will introduce the Capture Button in the next iPhone 16, an additional button known internally as the “Capture Button”, with the code name “Project Nova”. According to many rumors, the button will be one of the strong points of the entire ‌iPhone 16‌ range, assuming it passes the initial tests. There is time until September, but not too long, which is why development is thought to be at an advanced stage.

Apple, the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 15 – photo source – Sjbeez

According to Apple’s concept, the Capture Button will be positioned on the same side as the power button, slightly lower, more or less where the Wave cutout is (which will be moved to the opposite side), at least on the most recent iPhone models. A capacitive button rather than a standard mechanical one, at least these are Apple’s intentions: in a nutshell, a button that represents an option, in the sense that as long as no one touches it (unlike mechanical buttons) nothing will change. Pushing him?

The Capture button will detect pressure and touch, providing tactile feedback through the use of purpose-built motors. It could be the evolution, with the necessary differences, of the Home button of the iPhone SE, so to speak. Much more, therefore, than the Bongo project (set aside) by Apple, reduced to capacitive power and volume buttons, but not to the mix. AI and Capture Button: Apple is also racing. On the tandem!