The Samsung Health app acts as an all-round health assistant but with the new update it can do even more for your well-being.

One of the new fields in which manufacturers of mobile devices and operating systems are challenging themselves is that which concerns all the apps and systems with which devices can help to better manage one’s life from a health point of view.

With your Samsung you can really stay healthy – Sjbeez

Because obviously the relationship that users have with devices has changed. And to be truly reliable, the functions now go far beyond a simple pedometer or calorie counter. Very interesting, from this point of view, is the update that was announced for the app dedicated to health and well-being on the Korean company’s devices: Samsung Health. The app is already capable of doing a lot by interfacing with Samsung smartwatches or third-party devices but now the Korean giant has decided to take another step forward. Your device can really help you stay healthy.

The update for Samsung Health that many have been waiting for

Since smartwatches were introduced and when manufacturers began to insert sensors that collaborate with apps for tracking physical activity, smartphones have stopped being instruments of passivity for many. By downloading the appropriate apps you can, for example, organize your training, see the routes that have already been taken and those that friends and acquaintances have discovered. But in addition to physical activity, some devices now allow you to monitor your health by checking the quality of your sleep, blood pressure, heart rate and, this is Samsung’s idea, also the intake of medicines and supplements.

Samsung Health changes, it is now an all-round assistant – Sjbeez

Those who need to take medications at regular intervals during the day have learned to rely on their memory or on their cell phones but by setting alarms at regular intervals. The upcoming update for the Samsung Health app allows you to have a reminder without having to check your alarms. Furthermore, the app will be able to provide information regarding the drug you are taking and possibly remind you that caffeine or alcohol should be avoided when taking it.

For the United States, the first market in which the app will be updated, the information on drugs is the result of collaboration with Elsevier and it will therefore be necessary to wait for Samsung to build agreements with drug databases also on our side of the ocean in order to have the same functions. To ensure that the user is properly informed, the app is able to emit a series of sounds and set full-screen reminders that are reverberated on all connected devices.

In the case of an important drug, the notification therefore includes a long sound to attract attention. In the database there are not only life-saving drugs but also supplements, which can thus be combined with a slightly less invasive reminder. While waiting for the app to arrive here, we will need to rely on reminders and alarms for a bit longer.