Windows is cleaning up but this time a software that was a true point of reference for entire generations of users was involved.

What happens inside Windows is sometimes a real mystery. Because it seems that the company has the periodic habit of rewriting the user experience but not in the way they probably would have wanted.

Goodbye to a historic Windows function, what can you use now? – Sjbeez

One of the most recent examples is how the company is stuffing artificial intelligence everywhere it can. And in some cases even where it shouldn’t be possible. But AI is the future apparently and so, for those who decide to deal with Windows, it’s something you can’t escape here.

However, as new functions arrive, there are others that disappear for no apparent reason. One of the most convenient software found in Microsoft’s operating system is ready to disappear definitively and apparently it won’t be the only one. The announcement was made some time ago but time has now run out.

Windows changes but what do users think?

If you’ve ever had to deal with Windows, you’ve probably found yourself having to write something. In the Microsoft operating system there are at least three different software with which you can take notes. There is Notepad, which is very often used for writing code and modifying system files rather than for taking notes, then there is WordPad, halfway between Notepad and Word and, lastly, there is Word which it is now part of the renowned Office 365 Suite.

Windows says enough to this function, it’s obsolete! – Sjbeez

Microsoft apparently decided to eliminate WordPad as a “deprecated” feature. Which means that in addition to no longer being present in future builds, it will also no longer be there for those who download Windows updates. The easiest reason for this abandonment is the fact that the company wants to push the adoption of Office 365, which in the meantime has gone from a one-time package to the new subscription model.

As happens with many types of software, Office is widespread mainly because it is better known but if you are also among those who used WordPad, know that you will not be forced to pay or use the online version of Office anyway. In fact, over the years, open source software has multiplied which can also be used for free and which now rivals the Microsoft suite in terms of functions and ease of use.

And if you don’t want to download anything so as not to burden your operating system, you can also decide for totally online software. An example of a valid Wordpad replacement is for example Google Docs. It is part of the services offered within Google Drive Workspace and is able to open and manage documents in the latest Word format.