Windows 10 also allows you to synchronize notes between different devices and not necessarily with devices running the Microsoft OS.

Working while being able to move notes, files, images and more from one device to another is one of the new frontiers of multitasking convenience and the multidevice experience.

Follow these tricks and you will have Windows 10 synchronized on Android too (Sjbeez)

However, when you think about the possibility of moving something from a smartphone to a PC, the first service that comes to mind is Apple’s AirDrop: by owning all Apple devices, if they are connected to the same network you can have the same files synchronized in a heartbeat of eyelashes and thus be able to work by switching from the tablet to the computer without having to wait.

But there is also a function on Windows 10 that can be activated to have something very similar and share notes between computers and tablets. It is already found in your PC settings and just two clicks are enough to have everything at your fingertips. The most convenient thing is that it not only works between devices that share the same operating system but can also be used if you want to work in a mixed Windows and Android environment.

How to share clipboards between Windows 10 and other devices

Sharing files between different devices is a convenience that has been at the center of the activity of several third-party app developers. One of those that work best regardless of the operating system, and which therefore allows you to work with an Apple smartphone, a tablet with Android and a Windows PC is KDE Connect.

Move files and synchronize everything with one click (Sjbeez)

By taking advantage of the temporary creation of a network in which the devices are recognizable from each other, with KDE Connect you can move files in a few moments. But there are other systems with which similar results are achieved if, for example, you work a lot with notes.

What you need to do is activate the feature to sync your clipboard from Windows. The prerequisite is that all the devices with which you intend to synchronize have the same Microsoft account. Among the settings, under System, in the left menu you will find the specific item dedicated to notes and the possibility of using and storing various elements to then synchronize them between different devices.

With automatic synchronization you can easily find what you are working on in text form on all devices that share your Microsoft account. To also be able to use the Android smartphone you must perform a further step and activate another app found by default on Microsoft machines: Phone Link.

Through this service you will be able to synchronize what you copy on one of the two devices also on the other. Just open the settings and activate cross device copy-paste. To be able to share any text, all you have to do is write it, select it and then Copy to have it ready to paste outside the smartphone and inside the PC or outside the PC and inside the smartphone. With Phone Link it is also possible to conveniently transfer photos and videos found on the device.