The most recent data regarding Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video shows an interesting picture of user trends.

Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video represent the three main subscriptions to be able to enjoy hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of exclusive video contents from the various platforms. There are several others, such as Apple TV, Paramount Plus and more.

The most pirated series of 2023 (

There are significant data regarding the various Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video and the singer company. And that is that all of these services have announced an increase in their rates, with increases for all the subscription formulas provided. There is also the inclusion, in some cases, of a subscription at a reduced price but with the introduction of advertising.

In any case, the general feeling is that all the main players in the sector are focused on wanting to earn more from users and at the same time reduce costs. It is no coincidence that there has been talk of a significant drop in quality for some time. This is especially the case with Netflix, which has dramatically increased its TV series offerings, but has not impressed in terms of quality. Among other things, in various situations there have also been sudden interruptions and closures of some of the exclusively produced dramas. But there is also more.

Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video, the piracy situation

It is precisely piracy that gets people talking. This plague still exists and is especially affecting Disney Plus, judging by the numbers communicated recently. The unenviable award for most pirated in 2023 belongs to this platform, with a significant drop in subscribers.

Pirated TV series, the top 10 of 2023 (

From more than 161 million, Disney Plus dropped to 157 million, losing users especially in the most important markets and where the user base is largest. That is India, the United States and Canada. Among the most pirated television series and therefore available on the web through illegal sources, four belong to Disney Plus. Apple TV follows at three, while there is no Netflix.

The latter in reality, as we have seen, has its difficulties. However, it seems that there is a widespread tendency among users to avoid keeping two or more different active subscriptions. The ranking of the most pirated television series is as follows:

1) The Last of Us (HBO)2) The Mandalorian (Disney Plus);3) Loki (Disney Plus);4) Ahsoka (Disney Plus);5) Secret Invasion (Disney Plus);6) Silo (Apple TV);7) Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (Apple TV);8) Tulsa King (Paramount+);9) Generazione V (Amazon Prime Video);10) Ted Lasso (Apple TV).

For some reason Netflix is ​​considered the main one to keep, and in fact there are none of its productions in this ranking. Same thing for Prime Video, which however relies heavily on Amazon’s Prime service which offers great advantages in e-commerce. And for the rest, if there is something interesting elsewhere we rely on piracy, as if we were twenty years ago.