Do you want to buy a foldable smartphone but don’t want any nasty surprises when it comes to battery life? Here is the ideal list.

Having a foldable smartphone is no longer a dream but a reality and for now the platform on which the models are crowded is Android. A comparison can therefore also be made regarding the battery and its duration of these unusual and, for some, innovative devices.

The battle of foldables is played with autonomy (Oneplus photo) – Sjbeez

Also because, unlike traditional smartphones, foldable ones obviously have a price tag that is decidedly higher and for this reason the specifications must be evaluated with even greater care. Battery capacity also affects how the device is used.

Having technically larger screens means higher battery consumption. The models currently available all have batteries that are above 4000 mAh but it is not just the size that makes the difference but also the management of the charge. So what is the foldable smartphone with the best battery?

How long does charging last in a foldable smartphone?

Colleagues from Android Police conducted an in-depth test on the battery capacity of the foldables, comparing four smartphones on the Android platform that are among the best-selling among those looking for smartphones that open like a book. The Galaxy Z fold 5, the Oneplus Open, the Google Pixel Fold and the Tecno Phantom V Fold were compared.

Do you want a foldable smartphone? Also look at the battery (Samsung photo) – Sjbeez

The Tecno is the one with the largest battery, in fact it reaches 5000 mAh with 45 w of charging speed while the one that on paper has the smallest battery is the Galaxy Z5 with 4,400 mAh and a charging speed of 25 w, at Unlike the Tecno, however, it supports wireless charging.

Looking first at charging times, the fastest is the Oneplus Open which returns to 100% in 51 minutes, while the slowest is the Google Pixel Fold which instead needs 93 minutes to go from 0 to 100% battery. The Oneplus Open is also the one that manages to reach the highest charge in the first 15 minutes and in the first 30 minutes with Galaxy Fold and Tecno that manage to reach 32% in 15 minutes against 37% of the Oneplus.

Another very interesting test is how quickly these smartphones discharge. The test was particularly stressful but absolutely spot on: a 4K video streaming continuously on YouTube with an active wi-fi connection.

In this case, the best performing was in Oneplus Open, despite not having the largest battery: 15 hours 32 minutes of video sent in loop. In second place is the Galaxy Z Fold with 14 hours and 39 minutes and only in third place is the Tecno Phantom with 14 hours and 22 minutes. The Google Pixel Fold closes with 12 hours and 13 minutes.