WhatsApp 2024 starts with the release of a new feature for all users. A godsend, that’s why.

Expectations are high now. After a 2023 in which WhatsApp stood out for the release of a vast range of new features, there is great anticipation for a year dedicated to Artificial Intelligence, also on the number one instant messaging app in the world. And it couldn’t be otherwise.

WhatsApp, the number one instant messaging app in the world – Sjbeez

Google has led the way, accelerating thanks to Gemini and an important evolution for Bard, which will end up on all Android smartphones, elevating the assistant thanks also to an advanced version, albeit a paid one. For subscribers.

Even WhatsApp, according to rumors, is planning to introduce its own chatbot, which will improve the chat experience: from scheduling appointments to the ability to place orders and contact customer service. Back and forth in your chatlist. There isn’t much more yet, but the previews won’t be long in coming.

WhatsApp and the optional feature: in the name of clarity and reliability. No more scams

In the meantime, here’s a new feature. Leveraging the business version of the app, it was discovered that WhatsApp is working to allow businesses to sign up for Meta Verified. Things? A new subscription bundle available to creators and businesses on Instagram and Facebook. This will be an optional feature to allow businesses to add a verified badge to their channels.

WhatsApp and Meta Verified, a very interesting optional function – Sjbeez

This improvement will provide users with a clear and reliable indicator of the authenticity of a trade channel. The goal is easy to understand: first of all, it significantly reduces the risk of customers interacting with fake or unauthorized entities. No more fake news, above all no more mysteries about who is beyond our device.

From the information collected by Wabetainfo, which discovered the feature, currently in the beta version, we read of a new setting in the app settings, which will allow companies to sign up for Meta Verified and have a verified badge to show to dispel any doubts users-customers.

An optional function, therefore, optional, available to companies. Your Meta Verified subscription will include proactive impersonation protection, designed to quickly identify and mitigate potential threats that abound these days, while ensuring you have a direct channel for support, including troubleshooting and any type of concerns, making interaction between companies and user-customers is further easier.