A new caption was recently discovered within WhatsApp. Here’s what it will be used for, users are over the moon.

We must expect a 2024 full of news also on the WhatsApp front. Less than a month before the start of the new year, the number one messaging platform in the world has already been able to delight its community with some goodies that have been released and which are being greatly appreciated. Like the in-app sticker creation tool, to name one.

A new caption has been discovered in the WhatsApp app

But as always happens in these cases, by accessing the beta versions of the service for iOS and Android you discover a world. In fact, there are many new tools and extra features that are under development and which could see the light in the coming weeks both on iPhone and on devices with the green robot. Recently in this sense, a new caption was discovered which could prove to be quite useful. Here’s what it’s about and why you should be interested too.

Caption on WhatsApp: what the latest news refers to

As often happens in these cases, the experts at WABetaInfo took care of previewing the news. Who had the opportunity to preview the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android, within which there is a new caption never seen before and which could be very useful especially for a certain segment of the public.

This is what the new WhatsApp caption looks like (WABetaInfo screenshot)

In particular, it is a short text that identifies which chats will be end-to-end encryption. An interesting idea that aims to improve the user experience from a privacy point of view. So that he can know at all times that what he is writing or receiving cannot in any way end up on the Meta app servers.

And that’s not all because, with this update, a handy padlock icon will also arrive. To further indicate the power of this tool and which will be clearly visible to the intent of the top app bar. Of course, implementing this caption does not imply that existing chats are not end-to-end encryption. But it is just one more indicator to give greater safety to those who use the service.

This is only the latest update linked to the transparency of the service. A theme on which the team of developers has been focusing a lot for some time, with the aim of providing consumers with all the information and details of the case in a totally clear and clean way. We’ll see if and when this caption will be integrated into the stable version of the app.