Whatsapp is the most used application in the world, it allows us to stay connected with all the people we know. But there is something that the app hides from us and that is a little scary.

Although the app has improved a lot from a security point of view, compared to the past when some shortcomings were highlighted, even today there are some weak points that annoy the community. But what are we talking about?

Whatsapp is hiding something from us ()

The green cloud, with a white receiver inside, has existed since January 2009 although it took a few years for it to become common use. The app allowed users to move from the old paid text messages to the possibility of writing to us for hours with our contacts without consuming a euro and using the Gigabytes of our offer.

From 19 February 2014 it became part of the Meta group, further enriching itself with functions and innovations. Over time there are many apps that have proposed themselves as an alternative to WhatsApp including Telegram, Snapchat, WeChat and many others. However, no one has managed to match his success or even come remotely close. Let’s take a closer look at the detail that has shocked everyone a bit in the last few hours.

Whatsapp hides something interesting, but not everyone is happy

News emerges on Whatsapp which has not made everyone happy, in fact some have seen this detail as an invasion of privacy.

Whatsapp here’s what there is to discover ()

Tal Be’ery, co-founder and CTO of the manufacturer ZenGo, discovered that it can be understood very easily whether a user is chatting on WhatsApp from the application on a smartphone or with the Web version from a computer. Although this is no reason to worry about our safety, it is certainly not a correct situation from several points of view.

Runa Sandvik, digital security expert, specified to TechCrunch: “It could be a weapon to gather information and plan an attack.” In this way it refers to hackers who may have sensitive information to more quickly carry out an attack on us.

She added: "It tells you more about the devices a user uses and how accessible the setup of Whatsapp itself is." Important words were also made by Zade Alsawah, spokesperson for Meta, who also specified to TechCrunch that the company has already received Be’ery’s research and is working to make a change that can protect users.