WhatsApp recently thought of a feature ready to change the lives of its users: it will be fundamental at all times.

2023 for WhatsApp was full of innovations that changed the experience of every single user. The Meta development team has given a new configuration to the platform through very rich features, not only in terms of messaging.

WhatsApp ‘enchants’ users with a new feature – ()

During 2023, channels arrived on WhatsApp, which immediately managed to capture the attention of users. These play the role of a tool for broadcasting and advertising brands, influential personalities, public figures and various types of interests.

The arrival of channels on the platform has opened up an avenue for another type of communication, with users now able to receive updates on topics they are interested in. However, the developers never stop working and have recently developed a feature that will ‘enchant’ users of the messaging service, totally revolutionizing their user experience.

New feature coming to WhatsApp: it will change users’ lives

Meta developers are always focused on giving users of the platform features to use on a daily basis. Recently, through CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s official channel, 4 features dedicated to the channels were announced, with one in particular that captured everyone’s interest.

New features for channels coming soon – ()

As anticipated in recent weeks, the first functionality that users will be able to welcome and use will be the one relating to surveys. Channel administrators will be able to quickly and easily ask community users for an opinion, an opinion that will remain anonymous. Alongside the arrival of the surveys we find the implementation of audio messages, very useful for administrators who will be able to alternate text messages with voice notes.

Another new feature is status updates. Users will be able to give higher visibility to the content published on the channel by sharing it directly within their WhatsApp status, a feature very similar to Instagram stories.

Finally, there is something new to point out and it concerns the possibility for each channel to have up to 16 administrators. A number that is certainly high but which will allow channel managers to better organize communications and the way of interacting with users and customers. WhatsApp is rolling out new and interesting features for users, which will allow them to have a well-rounded experience on both the professional and private sides.