Many have also been waiting for it on Android for some time and, now, the coveted Whatsapp function has arrived. On iOS it was particularly welcome.

We will all use it as soon as we make the next updates and, for sure, we will be happy with it as we get used to it. It will be a very useful function and to testify to this there are all those users who could already use it on the iOS system. Partly out of jealousy, and partly out of necessity, most people who use Android on their smartphone wanted to have it available.

The Whatsapp function for IOS also arrives on Android

Now, it will be possible for anyone to obtain it, given that the developers of the most famous and most used messaging platform of the moment, Whatsapp, have also managed to upload it to Android. In order to have it, however, you will need to update via the Play Store, but only if your smartphone is not set to the automatic updates function.

Once you have obtained the Whatsapp Beta update, with version number, it will then be possible to take advantage of this new service made available to all users. It was not yet ready for wider usability, so it was decided to only allow users of the iOS system, through the update with number, to be able to have it, obtaining excellent results and good reviews.

What to expect from the new version of Whatsapp that looks to iOS

Basically, the coveted new Whatsapp feature will be about messaging, as it will be presented in a new version. In particular, what will differ from the previous one will be the text formatting, already available for some beta testers. The designs of the tools placed above the letters will change, in order to improve the experience of each user when choosing the layout and appearance of the messages.

Android will also have the new formatting on Whatsapp

The next Beta testers will therefore be able to use new tools, such as the Code Block. By clicking the button that indicates it, it will be possible to make sharing, as well as reading, the Whatsapp code easier. Usually, engineers and programmers use this tool, but now it will be available to everyone.

Furthermore, there will also be the tool called Quote Block, with which it will be possible to reply to a specific part of a previously received message. The tool called Lists will also help the user a lot, in particular to be able to organize the information in the most orderly way possible. All these tools can facilitate casual and work conversations, so as to further elevate the professionalism of the platform itself.