One of the new frontiers of technology are mini LED TVs. The news is that they are now about to arrive in mammoth dimensions.

CES 2024 is holding a whole series of very interesting surprises when it comes to technology as a whole. One of the sectors that seems most effervescent seems to be that of screens to create your own cinema experience at home.

A huge mini LED TV, the challenge from CES 2024 (photo TCL) – Sjbeez

TCL concluded its presentation event with a first for the Quantum Dot TV sector, with an oversized screen equipped with mini LEDs. TCL, in the words of its senior vice president for North America, has already had an excellent year in 2023, managing to position itself among the best-selling TV manufacturers on the continent.

The lineup presented in this CES 2024 has the declared aim of continuing to keep the company at the top of the rankings. The new S-class TVs with 4K UHD, the Q class and the new and expanding Premium QD mini LED class were presented.

For TLC the future is huge TVs with mini LEDs

To create a truly cinematic experience, the larger the screen, the better the immersion and apparently TCL has decided to expand the lineup of available products. The brand, also known on our market above all because it produces affordable devices with pleasant specifications, is pushing to enter the sector of TVs over 80 inches.

For cinema at home, this mega mini LED TV will make you dream (photo TCL) – Sjbeez

For this reason, in addition to the already enormous 98-inch Q8 QLED screen, the new 115-inch QM model has now been presented which has the characteristic of being illuminated by the new mini LEDs. In addition to the presence of this new technology for image and lighting rendering, there are other numbers that are positively frightening. The 115-inch QD mini LED ultimate features 20,000 dimming zones so as to be able to give the new Ultra processor designed by TCL for its screens all the necessary power.

Obviously, in addition to mini LED technology, the new QD TVs produced by TCL are accompanied by a 6.2.2 audio system to do justice to the video. Since this is a presentation at CES, there are no details yet regarding the price of this object, which could easily become very coveted by those looking to recreate their own cinema at home or on the exit window.

However, some predictions can still be made, especially regarding what the other major players in the sector have done, who have already set foot in the mega TV department with models that however have prices that are out of budget for many. The equivalent Samsung, LG and Sony models have price tags that hover over 10 thousand euros.

For the 98-inch TCL sold last year, with the same mini LED technology, the price is currently around 5 thousand euros. If we were therefore to make a prediction regarding the new 115-inch model we can expect a price that is still considerable but which should not exceed 8 thousand euros.