Here’s everything you need to know about IT Wallet, the new project for the digitalisation of Public Administration on the smartphone.

The digitalisation project of the Public Administration continues unabated. With the outbreak of the pandemic emergency, the Government found itself having to implement innovative tools with the ultimate aim of allowing all citizens to access all the main services directly from their smartphone with the convenient IO app.

Here’s what you need to know about the new IT Wallet (Screenshot)

Now it seems that the time is ripe to take a further step forward, with the advent of the so-called IT Wallet. That is, a sort of Apple Wallet-style digital wallet that will give you the opportunity to have all your main personal documents at hand. Without having to carry them around every day in your physical wallet, after creating an account and logging in with the SPID everything will always be available on your phone.

IT Wallet: what it is and when you need to activate it

As per initial predictions, 2024 will be the year the IT Wallet finally becomes a reality. As anticipated, this is a digital wallet that will allow every citizen resident in Italy to have a digitized version of all documents on their smartphone. These include the Electronic Identity Card, driving licence, health card and much more.

What is it and when will you need to activate the new IT Wallet

Most likely launched within the IO app, this Wallet will have two possible solutions to choose from. The public and the private. According to initial estimates, it will be possible to digitize all your documents by the end of the year. With a system that will allow you to log in via SPID to authenticate. As you can read, however, it will be a system that will not strictly replace the recognition systems currently present in our country.

And therefore not an obligation. But an extra help that will allow you to not have to fill your physical wallet with too many cards and cards. And at the same time to have your identification documents at hand even if they are physically forgotten at home. Just take your smartphone out of your pocket, open the IO app and access the dedicated section.

In the coming months we will certainly have more information about it, with the possible launch dates of the service and how to sign up and register all documents online. For a PA digitalisation process that continues at an increasingly rapid pace.