The latest tests from January 2024 crown the fastest SIM and the most convenient operator. Negative surprise among the top brands.

What will be will be. We will find out in 2024, which is off to a great start in the smartphone market segment, which for some will be a saturated market in the short term, but for the moment sparkling in terms of new features. Xiaomi has started, it’s a short step for the go down effect.

SIM test, the ranking of the fastest in January 2024 – Sjbeez

Last January 17, Samsung announced the new Galaxy S24 smartphones, three to be exact as expected, top of the range in name and in fact with the first features deriving from native Artificial Intelligence. Expectations were high, to understand how users will respond. Beyond smartphones, however, you need to know which operator is most reliable, in order to connect a top smartphone (that best suits a particular user): the latest tests speak for themselves.

Confirmations and surprises, here is the ranking of the four most popular Italian operators

Ookla’s Speedtest Intelligence is one of the most important and credible services for understanding the prices of the most popular operators in Italy, it offers updated information on global data on fixed and mobile broadband performance based on millions of tests initiated by consumers, carried out every day with Speedtest.

January 2024, Fastweb confirms its leadership – photo source: – Sjbeez

Created for businesses and organizations, Speedtest Intelligence provides the data needed to monitor network performance for ISPs and mobile operators. In short, data to take into consideration. Well, based on these tests the tables on the table have not changed in the last half of 2024.

We start again with Fastweb still the leader in terms of the fastest mobile network: it had also been so in the second half of 2022, it was confirmed in the first six months of 2023, and also in the last: Speed ​​Score of 93.56, best average speed of download (100.10 Mbps) and upload (12.34 Mbps). A leadership given mainly by its mix: Fastweb, in fact, relies on TIM (for 2G and 4G) and WINDTRE (for 5G and other technologies).

In second place WindTre with a score of 70.97, on the lowest step of the podium is Vodafone (which consoles itself with an excellent upload) with 65.05 Speed ​​Score, better than TIM, somewhat surprisingly, separated from the first three with 58.45. Fourth place for Iliad with a Speed ​​Score of 53.10. We start again like this, therefore, in this month of 2024. We will only discover the rest by living.