Are you planning to open an online bank account? Here’s why it’s convenient and what documents you need to have on hand.

In recent years, more and more people are opting for online bank accounts. These are particularly convenient tools which, in many cases, also involve zero costs.

What are the documents

One of the main advantages of opening an online current account is the possibility of saving on management costs. In fact, these financial tools are made available by mobile-only banks and allow the account holder to not physically go to the branch and to manage everything via the app or by accessing the site.

Many online current accounts currently available offer zero-fee options and allow the user to carry out operations completely independently. Therefore, thanks to this choice, the customer has the possibility of reducing the fixed costs that characterize standard current accounts. Furthermore, choosing an online current account also allows you to improve the management of operations. What documents are needed to open an online bank account?

Online current account: the documents to prepare

Opening an online current account is quite simple, because it can be considered completed in just a few steps. In order to carry out the procedure quickly, it is necessary to have all the necessary documents available.

Are you planning to open an online bank account?

Opening an online current account requires:

The valid identification document; The valid health card; An active SIM, with an Italian number, registered in the name of the person who was opening the account; The active personal email address.

When choosing an online current account to which you can entrust your savings and transactions, you must pay attention to the quality of the service offered and the level of transparency of the information available. For this reason, customers should always pay attention to some elements.

In particular, potential account holders should ensure that the company has quality customer support, can be reached through multiple channels and is always operational. Attention must also be paid to the use of cryptographic security systems that allow you to safeguard your information and protect yourself from online scams.

It would be preferable to opt for a product that provides for registration in the interbank deposit protection fund which allows you to safeguard up to €100,000 in the event of bankruptcy of the Institute. Finally, you need to check the bank’s CET1. We are talking about a rate that allows us to measure the solidity of a banking institution, whose minimum value set by the ECB is equal to 8%.