In 2024, a new smart watch will be released on the market, a handheld in the form of Game Boy Advance SP: all the features of the device

Making retro gaming portable is nothing new, but producer and developer Jason Rogers is aiming to make gaming wearable with his smart gaming watch project. His work culminated over the years of the Kickstarter funding campaign.

The Retro Gaming Watch: the smartwatch that becomes a console (Sjbeez) official website:

The funding goal was set at $35,000, but the project has already received more than $50,000 worth of funding with 18 days to go. The watch will have Bluetooth support, which allows wireless communication with external devices such as smartphones or tablets. Rogers also demonstrated how to use the device to receive and send messages.

Retro Gaming Watch: the smart wristwatch that transforms into a gaming console

The Retro Gaming Watch combines a smartwatch with a gaming handheld. The 2-in-1 device can be easily detached from the bracelet that holds it and held in the hand. The design is clearly inspired by the Game Boy Advance SP, but also features practical aspects that have improved over the years. For example, the handheld’s internal display can be opened, revealing a control pad, start and select buttons, and four action loot boxes at the bottom, as well as shoulder buttons. This means that Game Boy Advance titles can be played without any problems.

Retro gaming watch: This wearable is a smartwatch and a gaming console in one device (Sjbeez) official website:

The development of the Retro Gaming Watch took 10 years, with multiple iterations and revisions leading up to the final design. A Dialog DA14706 SoC with an ARM M33 processor is installed, which can run at up to 160 MHz and can access two ARM M0 coprocessors for Bluetooth and sensors. The screen measures just 1.54 inches, has a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels and a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

The external screen should have the features expected from a smartwatch, such as notifications, time, battery status and weather. As part of the Kickstarter campaign, backers can secure a unit for $180. Jason Rogers writes: "We have proof of a device that can do most of the normal smartwatch things, as well as being a monster gaming machine." The early stage of development requires patience, as delivery is not expected to begin until November 2024.