Water on the PC can cause very serious damage to the device, how to avoid it? With this method you avoid any problems: here’s what to do.

Every day we are forced to sit in front of the computer to carry out various professional activities and more. Given the daily frequency, it may happen that, completely involuntarily, water is spilled on the PC. At that moment panic could take over due to the many files present on the device, but you need to stay calm and act using a specific method.

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As soon as you notice liquid on the device, you should first turn off the computer, so as to prevent the combination of water and electricity from causing worse damage to the components inside. To do it even faster, just hold down the power button until the PC turns off.

Waiting a few minutes is strongly discouraged because the components will be increasingly damaged. After turning off the PC, you must immediately remove the battery to completely isolate it from electricity. After carrying out these steps you can proceed with the second phase, the most delicate.

Water on the PC, how to avoid damage? The solution you need to know

Once the PC has been secured, it must be placed on a towel upside down, making it take the shape of an upside down V. In this way all the water present is destined to exit the device. After carrying out this step you need to think about what to do given the criticality of the situation.

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There are three options to consider: try opening the PC and drying it internally, even if there is a risk that the manufacturer’s warranty will be invalidated; bring the device in for assistance, who will proceed with the appropriate repair; in case of little water spilled on the device you can wait 48 hours leaving the PC in the inverted V position in a dry and ventilated area. After this time you can attempt a new ignition.

If you think that the water spilled is little and the damage is minimal, you can also wait about 2 days to turn it back on. If the functionality of the device is not compromised, it is possible to clean the keys if they are sticky. Always with the PC turned off and without the battery and power cable, you can proceed by spraying alcohol on the keys and pressing them until they slide better. Once you have found the right balance you will simply need to leave it to air dry.