Apple, the launch of the Vision Pro is not entirely convincing. There are very high-performance viewers on the market, which also cost less.

The statistics of the launch of the Vision Pro can be read from two points of view. Despite the few units available (from sixty thousand to eighty thousand) Apple did not see the classic sold out for pre-orders, which started last January 19th in view of the distribution scheduled in Italy for February 2nd.

Apple and the Vision Pro, will be distributed on February 2 in Italy – photo source Apple – Sjbeez

It may not mean anything, perhaps Apple enthusiasts are thinking about it, or are saving money given its very high cost: 3499 dollars, over three thousand euros in the version with 256 GB of memory, up to 4000 (approximately) for the one TB Vision Pro. Or it could mean everyone.

The high cost could stop even the most hardened enthusiasts from purchasing a device, admittedly with enormous potential, but perhaps not a priority. Who can say? We must wait before throwing the cross on the Cupertino giant. In the meantime, however, as you browse through the headset market, you realize that there are many high-performance ones that certainly cost less. Read to believe.

The alternatives to the Vision Pro: from the Meta Quest 2-3 to the PICO 4, there is no shortage of choice and (significant) savings

The Meta Quest 2, for example, has a resolution of 2K per eye, which is more than 50% more pixels than the previous version of the Quest. Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 microprocessor, 6 GB of RAM. A choice of 128GB or 256GB of software storage. Native 3D audio produced by proprietary algorithm. Cost?

This Pro, Meta’s top of the range viewer – photo source: – Sjbeez

It is on offer at 299 euros, discounted from 349.99. If you are willing to spend a little more, you can get its heir: the Meta Quest 3, with the most powerful chip ever made by the company whose CEO is Mark Zuckerberg, you get the full price of 549, if you want there is the Pro for 1200 euros, practically a third of that of Apple.

You don’t like Marzk Zuckerberg, you don’t believe in Meta’s performance, do you fear for your privacy? There is always PICO 4, an alternative to the standards of Meta Quest 2, available on Amazon for 499 euros: created by Bytedance (yes, those from TikTok), VRChat was also launched last November.

And also compact and lightweight design, competitiveness and fun for gaming and entertainment experiences. The only problem is that it has fewer apps than Meta’s viewers, as the PICO 4 is part of a rigid, if desired elitist, PICO OS ecosystem. Beyond the Vision Pro, in short, there is life.