There is a trick on WhatsApp that is very easy to apply and will make you appear offline to your contacts. Here’s how to activate it now.

Thanks to the many updates that are released periodically, WhatsApp is still considered the number one messaging platform in the world. The work done by the team of developers is there for all to see, and it seems the time has not yet come to stop at the level of new features and useful tools.

The WhatsApp trick to appear offline to your contacts

One of the aspects on which it was decided to focus most remains consumer privacy, both in terms of stored data and internal settings that can be activated both by the app and by the operating system of the smartphone used. Today we are talking to you in particular about a very useful trick that you can apply in a few seconds and which will make you appear offline to your contacts. Without the need to set Airplane Mode.

WhatsApp trick: this is how you appear offline to your contacts

Who has never wanted to use their phone, perhaps to watch a video or read an eBook, and to be constantly disturbed on WhatsApp with non-stop messages? Which maybe don’t stop precisely because the two ticks are there, as you are connected to the network. In these cases, there is a trick that will be ingenious and you can use whenever you want.

With this WhatsApp trick, appear offline whenever you want

By following these steps, you will be completely offline within the messaging platform. So much so that there will only be one tick if someone tries to contact you. But in reality the phone will continue to be connected to the network and you can use it to do whatever you want. If you have an Android device, then you must first open the Settings app and then scroll to Applications.

Here you will be shown the list of all the apps you have installed on your smartphone. You are obviously interested in WhatsApp, which is at the bottom. Once you find it, open it and find the Data Connection section. Here you just need to uncheck Allow background data and you’re done. From this moment on, WhatsApp will no longer be able to use the internet connection to upload and receive new messages. Unless you’re the one opening the application. When you no longer need this trick, all you have to do is repeat the same operations and set the check mark again on Allow background data.