How to use social networks safely? By following these expert tips you can have a smooth experience.

Being always connected exposes every single person to quite profound security and privacy risks. The platforms attempt to create a solid and safe barrier but it is also our job to give greater depth to the shield that protects the various information.

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With the incredible rise of Artificial Intelligence this topic has become even more intense and delicate. The experience on social networks can be endangered in many ways and it is for this reason that knowing the advice of experts is essential to have a peaceful and completely peaceful path.

Shedding light on how to protect us is a Security and Intelligence professor who carries out investigative analyzes for government bodies. The expert spoke on the topic at the World Protection Forum in San Marino and the indications were reported by the weekly Oggi. Let’s go into detail to find out how not to fall into a trap on social networks.

How to use social networks safely: tips not to forget

Browsing or inserting content on the web leads each user to be classified based on the interests they show. Precisely for this reason you need to be very careful when you are on social media because tracking occurs even when just one piece of content is published.

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The security expert underlines that it would be enough to have little consistency in publishing content via social media. For example, you can sometimes listen to classical music on YouTube even if you are a pop lover or publish content on Instagram other than what is mainly shared. Acting in this way could mislead social media in the proliferation of their content. This important precaution is accompanied by some tricks that strengthen security on social media.

First of all, you need to disconnect the Wi-Fi from the power socket every time you leave the house, the same goes for household appliances connected or interactive via Bluetooth. Then you can use different and complicated passwords for each individual social network, changing them on a monthly basis.

Don’t forget to constantly update your devices or computer, especially your browser. Try not to save credit card numbers online and always activate two-factor authentication on social media. By implementing every single precaution we could finally use any platform in a completely safe and peaceful manner.