Twitch’s latest move has surprised everyone, the platform is in obvious difficulty: is it destined to close? Here’s what’s happening.

In recent years the Twitch platform has welcomed more and more users, with streamers receiving significant benefits from this positive evolution. During the pandemic period, the turning point for Amazon’s platform was incredible, but despite this impact, it is still not possible to find the path that leads to a business model capable of generating profits.

The Twitch platform is experiencing a moment of profound crisis – ()

The situation inherent to the streaming platform is rather delicate, also following the latest move made by the company which does not bode well. A decision that makes clear the idea of ​​how something is not going right, with many users wondering if Twitch is destined to close. What the “violet social network” decided surprised both the users of the platform and the content creators who work on it. Let’s go into the details of what happened to understand what is happening around reality.

Bad move by Twitch, many employees fired: what’s happening

The internet is a land of many opportunities but these do not always take positive paths. In 2023, many streamers on Twitch have highlighted some difficulties, a situation that is strengthened if we consider the fact that the same company laid off 400 employees last year.

The Twitch platform has fired 500 employees – ()

The start of the new year for Twitch was not at all positive as the company announced the layoff of another 500 employees, equal to approximately 35% of the current workforce. The decision has led to internal shocks that lead to wondering what the future will be for the well-known streaming platform.

The efforts made by CEO Dan Clancy throughout 2023 do not seem to have been enough to relaunch the platform. Despite the easing of some restrictions, such as the opening to simulcast on different platforms at the same time, useful for attracting more users both on the streamer side and on the public side.

Therefore the scenario involving Twitch is quite complex and the various activities implemented appear not to have changed the direction. In any case, the platform continues to be active with streamers going live according to the drawn up schedule. To understand what the future of the site will be, we need to wait for the next developments, with the leaders who will inevitably be called to make serious decisions.