As available data increases and costs decrease, travelers will enjoy unprecedented freedom.

European consumers are well aware that when moving around the Union they will have to face different types of restrictions on the gigabytes available with their telephone offer. Going forward, however, travelers can expect an increasingly economical and efficient mobile experience thanks to the progress of the zero roaming policy. This innovative initiative, which allows consumers to use their phone plans without extra costs within the European Union, is about to become even more advantageous.

Browsing the Internet in Europe will be increasingly easier in the future – Sjbeez

Since it was introduced, this system has significantly simplified travel in Europe. Zero roaming allows users to use minutes, SMS and data from their phone plans without additional costs in European Union countries. The regulation of roaming like at home has been a turning point for travellers, who can now browse, call and send messages as if they were in their own country.

Freer and cheaper navigation for everyone in Europe

2024 marks another important step towards reducing costs for consumers and operators. Starting January 1, 2024, the regulation imposes a reduction in wholesale costs, with prices falling from 1.8 euros per gigabyte in 2023 to 1.55 euros in 2024. This progressive cost reduction will continue in the following years , aiming to stabilize the price at 1 euro per gigabyte from 2027 to 2032.

The costs of surfing the Internet around Europe will become increasingly lower – Sjbeez

This means travelers can expect greater data availability at reduced costs, improving the accessibility and convenience of their travels in Europe. Italian operators, some of whom have already anticipated these changes, are now required to adhere to the new wholesale pricing.

Calculating the data bundle for travelers is quite simple. For 2024, the wholesale cost cap for each gigabyte of data traffic is 1.55 euros (excl. VAT). The total data available for each individual user can be calculated by dividing the monthly cost of the package (excluding VAT) by 1.55 and multiplying the result by 2.

This equation makes it easy for consumers to understand exactly how much data they can use when traveling in Europe. Zero roaming is valid in member countries of the European Union and the European Economic Area. However, it is important to note that, following Brexit, the UK is no longer automatically included in this policy and travelers should therefore check specific conditions before traveling to those areas.