Do you want to transform your photos into a gallery in PDF format? It will be very simple and in just a few steps you can do it from your mobile phone: here’s how.

How many times have we had so many photos in the gallery that we had to consider converting to PDF, but didn’t know how? Surely you will have relied on ‘external’ bodies, online sites that would convert everything for you, then download it onto your PC or send it to your mobile phone. In short, a useless job that can easily be avoided.

How to transform photos into PDF starting from the gallery (

Today, in fact, we will give you the perfect information to be able to transform the photos in the gallery into PDF format. It will be really simple, and in just a few steps you can do it from your mobile phone. Curious to know how? Let’s see it below.

Transform your photos into a gallery, into PDF: it will be very simple

Very often it can happen that you have very important photos in your gallery, perhaps medicines that need to be downloaded, invoices that need to be sent to the Revenue Agency or shots of books that need to be transformed into PDFs. This format allows us to print everything we want in the best possible way and above all make it readable to everyone, without printing a grainy and not at all useful photo.

The trick to transform photos into PDF (

As we mentioned previously, often due to lack of information about it or simply because we are used to this way, we use external apps to do this conversion. But if we told you that we can actually create it ourselves starting from the gallery, would you believe us? Well, it’s very simple. Just follow a few steps and you’re done. So all you need to do is:

The first thing to do is select the photos that we want to convert to PDF. Once this is done, we move on to the second point, which is to go to the share arrow and click on it as if we wanted to share everything. But instead of sharing we go down and click on "print". We don’t actually print our PDF, but we go and click on "Share" again and our PDF is ready. In this case we can decide whether to share it on WhatsApp, perhaps in our chat or in that with someone else or whether to save it on our mobile phone in whatever part of it we decide.

In this way we will end up with a simple PDF, ready at any time and for any occasion. This is a simple trick, but above all effective because it will make our lives easier when we find ourselves away from home and we urgently need this important format to print. So, what are you waiting for to try it? It will really turn your life around.