You need to get rid of your old Android smartphone and it’s time to erase the data safely but completely: three steps and you’re done.

If the time has come for your smartphone to retire or you have changed devices and want to give the old one to someone, you must make sure that nothing of your past experience remains on the smartphone and you must delete the data.

Disappear from your smartphone with three taps, the infallible procedure (Sjbeez)

Luckily, the procedure to clean up and bring back time to an Android device is not complicated but before moving on to see how to do it, we will explain why it is something you should do. If you give your old smartphone to someone without deleting the data concerning you and without disconnecting your account, you risk, in the best case scenario, finding yourself with search histories on Google that do not belong to you, anomalous uses of apps and unnecessary interference in the your privacy.

But deleting data from your smartphone is also useful if you received it from someone. If you decide to buy a used smartphone on a marketplace, even if you are sure that that smartphone has been restored to its factory condition, it is always better to know how to delete all the data to be a little better.

Procedure to safely erase data from Android

The first question you need to ask yourself, if you intend to delete data from your device, is what type of media is inside it. Because it seems like an element taken for granted but it can happen that you forget the memory SD cards inside. The first step is therefore to make sure you have removed everything. The moment you have removed everything, switch to what is called factory reset or factory reset. This very easy operation effectively deletes all the data that has been entered on the mobile phone over time.

Smartphones for sale? Don’t forget to delete your data! (Sjbeez)

To prevent people from performing resets by mistake, the software asks several times if you are sure of what you want to do, what you want to delete and also to possibly enter your smartphone’s unlock PIN. This is because the factory reset is what completely deletes the data on the device.

Once you have deleted your personal data, the Gmail account for example, the apps you have downloaded, the photos (which if you wanted to save had to be removed before the factory reset) there is a further step to take. In fact, many stop at the factory reset thinking that it is sufficient but you must take into account that, if you intend to sell the smartphone, that smartphone, in addition to being clean and immaculate as if it had just come out of the box, must not be among your devices.

You must therefore open your Google account from the browser and delete the connection with the device so that when the new owner enters his data you will not receive any type of notification. And in case you are on the other side and you are the one receiving the smartphone, remember to ask for the operation to be performed.