There is no need to spend money on harmful products: here are little-known methods to clean our PCs, for free, in just three steps.

Aside from smartphones, which require simple but thorough cleaning were it not for the fact that they are by far the most used device globally, the care of our PCs, inseparable companions of our working and non-working days, require care.

PC, our inseparable tech friends – Sjbeez

Cleanliness is one of them. There are those who rely on ad hoc products without thinking about two minor problems: the cost needed to purchase products. Which could even be harmful to our health and, above all, to the increasingly delicate PC displays.

There are those who even buy bottles of compressed air for cleaning laptops: a smart move for goodness’ sake, but prices vary from around twenty to eighty euros. Is it worth spending this money given the regularity with which we have to clean our PC? The answer is no. Or better yet, save that money, or invest it elsewhere.

How to make your PC shine without spending money, just go to the kitchen and bathroom

According to Apple, in its FAQ, a wipe with 70% isopropyl alcohol, or Clorox disinfectant wipes is enough, the important thing is not to use aerosol cleaning sprays or wipes containing bleach. Therefore, a wet cloth is enough, where wet means damp and not dripping, without letting liquids penetrate the keyboard.

Clean PCs and devices without spending money – Sjbeez

Instead of the wipe, also use a cotton ball with diluted alcohol, to clean those hard-to-reach areas, where dust and crumbs make everything dirty. But there are also other, little-known methods to clean our PCs impeccably and above all without spending money.

As? Try going to the bathroom and taking a toothbrush that you don’t use, then running into the kitchen, you will surely find some vinegar, mix it with water, soak your toothbrush. And start passing it on the keyboard, where numerous harmful bacteria mainly accumulate, in close contact with our hands.

After thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting it, let the keyboard dry for a few minutes. Fact: zero money spent (there’s always a bit of vinegar in the house, there’s no shortage of water and instead of throwing away the toothbrush we keep it, you can always clean something, including our beloved leather sneakers ). Just one thing: when you do this operation the PC must be strictly turned off.