If your dream is a smartphone like the iPhone 15 Pro Max but with a lower price then this is the phone for you.

The idea that to have a smartphone that is reliable and with superior specifications the only real alternative is to buy an iPhone 15 Pro Max can easily go into the attic.

Do you necessarily have to buy an iPhone? Leave the apple alone and try this – Sjbeez

In addition to Apple products, the sector of alternative devices with specifications closer to computers than simple telephones is growing. And in particular there is one that could be ideal for those looking for a reliable device for gaming but not only.

And before moving on to see the specifications of this dream device, you will be interested to know that you can find it on Amazon for just over half the price of the Apple mobile phone with, on the other hand, a series of out-of-scale specifications. Introducing your next gaming smartphone with all the power of the new third generation Snapdragon 8.

A better smartphone than the iPhone 15 Pro Max? You can find it on Amazon

In addition to the device manufacturers best known to the general public, there is a whole range of smartphones that are designed and assembled with a specific genre of users in mind who are not those who simply send messages on WhatsApp or record short silly videos for TikTok but who have decided to make your smartphone a true entertainment center. Among the manufacturers of high-end gaming devices is ZTE, which sells the RedMagic series products on Amazon.

This smartphone is as powerful as an iPhone 15 Pro Max, you have to try it (Redmagic photo) – Sjbeez

The appearance is that of rather square smartphones with decidedly sharper edges than those the average user is used to but with this aggressive appearance they immediately communicate the range of users for which they are designed.

The latest arrival is the 9PRO. Looking just under the body what immediately catches the eye is the presence of the new Qualcom Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 with 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory. All surrounded by an Adreno GPU and with cooling ensured by a larger vapor chamber with a very small but very powerful fan which is located just below the camera area and which guarantees a further degree of cooling.

The screen is decidedly larger than average with a 6.8-inch diagonal, 120 Hertz refresh rate and 960 Hertz touch sample rate on an AMOLED panel. To be able to maintain a charge, the battery reaches 80 W and is also designed for fast charging.

Another interesting aspect concerns the ports, because in addition to the well-established USB C there is one for a 3.5 mm audio jack and then in addition to the double nano SIM slot there is also an HDMI input. The fact that this is a smartphone designed especially for gamers can be seen when you realize that among the various buttons along the body there are also two side triggers useful for video games.