There’s a powerful new laptop from Asus with a dual OLED screen that might be right for you. Here is all the info and the price.

2024 has started in the best way also when it comes to the IT sector. There are a long series of new computers and components that have already been announced, and many others that could see the light of day in the coming weeks. If you are looking for a new device that can satisfy your every need, then there are some models that could be right for you.

There’s a new Asus PC in sight with dual OLED screens

Among others, Asus recently decided to present a new and powerful laptop that has a latest generation double OLED screen and can boast some technical specifications capable of supporting both work and leisure or gaming activities. Here is everything you need to know including information, details and price.

New Asus laptop with dual OLED screen: here’s what you need to know

Asus seems to be ready to officially introduce its new generation of dual-screen notebooks to the market. The company itself suggested this strategy, with a teaser published on X which gives the opportunity to preview what will be the main advantages of the notebook.

ASUS laptop with dual screen, there is the first teaser (screenshot X @Asus)

At the moment there is still no official information regarding the technical characteristics, and we don’t even know what the name chosen for the new Zenbook will be. But most likely, given the timing, the presentation will already take place during the next CES 2024 scheduled this month in Las Vegas.

It could be a new variant of the Zenbook Duo series, which will be supplied to the market with a removable keyboard and will be able to apply different uses. These include a desktop mode and dual monitors. The teaser also talks about “Dual-AI Experiences”, which suggests the presence of an Intel Core Ultra Meteor Lake.

However, we are talking about simple assumptions based on a first preview that Asus wanted to provide to its most passionate fans. Waiting for the launch event which will be held as mentioned at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, on January 9th at 6pm Italian time. If you are interested, connect via the dedicated site to find out live what will become of the new computer. We could already be faced with one of the most successful computers of the whole year.