If you have an iPhone or an iPad, then this new accessory is ideal for you. Here’s what it is.

When purchasing a latest generation smartphone or tablet, it is always a good idea to equip yourself with the right accessories to be able to enjoy the maximum possible potential. A discussion that also and above all applies to iPhones and iPads, considering the work done by Apple to make its product portfolio increasingly complete and full of different possibilities so as not to miss anything.

This accessory is a must for iPhone and iPad owners

Among other things, a new accessory was recently launched on the market that could be ideal for every iPhone and iPad owner. We advise you to consider purchasing it, it is very simple to use and in some cases it could play a decisive role. So you no longer have to think about anything, the gadget will take care of everything.

Accessory for iPhone and iPad: that’s what it’s about

If you’re looking for a new accessory to go with your iPhone or iPad, then there’s one recently launched on the market that might be right for you. By purchasing it now, you will be able to enjoy all its advantages as a preview. By paying very little for it and ensuring very intelligent and smart use.

The Lock Socket is ideal for those who have an iPhone or an iPad (Screenshot)

We are talking about the Lock Socket, a sort of block for the charger when it is connected to the wall socket. So that no one can detach it and move it to other areas of the house. Useful for example if you always want to have one near your desk or bedside table, but there is always that person who takes it and carries it around.

This small accessory has a plastic lock, with two 2mm socket head screws. You will also find a key inside the package, so you can assemble and disassemble the Lock Socket. The design part is very interesting, with the locking sockets that work with the standard duplex ones and have the covering screw hole with the Decora style.

If you want to install it, just take the end of the cable and pass it through the hole in the middle, then connect it to the socket on the other side and slide the housing. Its cost is only 18 dollars, an affordable price that in some cases could change your life with your iPhone and iPad.