There’s an iPhone feature that won’t drive you crazy and will let you find everything you need in seconds.

Thanks to the many system software updates, the latest generation iPhones with iOS 17 can boast a long series of features and shortcuts designed specifically to ensure that usability by users is as fast and intuitive as possible. So you can find what you need in a few moments, without wasting time.

The secret iPhone function to always find everything

Today we are talking to you in particular about a hidden trick that few people have used properly until now but which could be very useful, especially in certain situations. How many times have you not found a single app and stayed glued to the screen scrolling through the home pages? Or do you want to order the latter with the folders, but with the fear of getting even more confused? From today you can try this fast and effective method, it will leave you speechless.

Secret iPhone function: so you always find what you need

There’s a secret iPhone feature you’ll never let go of once you discover it. It could be particularly useful if you usually lose apps on your home screen and don’t know how to find them again. Or if you have finally decided to organize the main screen without having a long list of multiple pages with distracting icons.

How to use the secret app search function with iPhone

To make the most of all these useful tricks, first unlock your phone and try scrolling down. A search bar will appear where you can type the name of the app you need, so that it appears in a few moments. Alternatively, we recommend swiping right until you get to the app library. Here too, you can type the name of the app you need or use the list of letters with the bar on the right.

We conclude with what is perhaps the most useful tool of all. That is, the widget made available by Siri. All you need to do is scroll left all the way to the bottom, then open the + icon at the top left and add a new widget. Now choose Siri Suggestions and select the one that interests you most. The advice is to set the widget with the icons of the 6 apps you use most often. Now place it in the home page and you’re done.