Who needs a computer when they can have everything they need within earshot? What are Hearables.

In the end, everything we have read or seen in science fiction works is taking shape in everyday life, even if differently from how the authors of those masterpieces had imagined. Today we have virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality, we can use technological objects to control the lights and electronic devices in the home with the simple voice, cars with automatic driving and artificial intelligences capable of replacing humans in multiple jobs.

Hearables are earphones that, thanks to AI, become portable computers – Sjbeez

One of the most incredible and useful technologies to emerge in recent years is that of wearables, i.e. those technological objects such as smartwatches that can be worn. Of these, hearables, or smart earphones, are certainly the most useful and functional on the market.

Although these look like simple earphones, they are actually mini portable computers which, thanks to artificial intelligence, allow users to have numerous advantages in life. Their primary function is to enhance the surrounding sounds, but they can be used in combination with a smartphone to listen to music, or podcasts and lessons without necessarily having to fix your gaze on the content you are listening to.

The hearables are phenomenal: the applications in the world of work

Thanks to hearables it is therefore possible to do anything you can do with a smartphone, even a web search or following directions to go to a place you have never seen before, without the need to hold a phone in your hand, therefore having full consciousness and awareness of what is happening around.

All the features of hearables

Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, these comfortable earphones could instantly translate any language and effectively eliminate the difference between people who do not know any languages ​​other than their own, but also the one that persists between those who know a common language such as English.

Such earphones could be very useful to language or music teachers, as they could allow them to listen to language – or musical – lessons based on the level of the class they are teaching, or even different ones based on the level of the individual student they are teaching. they face each other. They are also useful for those who work in very noisy environments, to have clearer and more attentive communication, without damaging the hearing of those who use this technology.