Do you receive calls where you answer but no one speaks? Be careful never to say this word: everything about how to defend yourself.

The high pace of daily life can lead to underestimating certain calls, which arrive at any moment. In some circumstances no one is speaking on the other end of the phone but a single word from us can get us into trouble.

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It is not unusual to receive calls from unknown numbers or call centers, but with changes in technology some of these calls have become more dangerous. In fact, with just one word you could take a really big risk, seeing your finances affected in the medium and long term.

Given the growing diffusion of these calls, you need to know how to respond appropriately so as not to have any problems. Let’s try to understand together what is the word to absolutely avoid saying to counteract this system in the best possible way.

Telephone scam, never say this word: how to defend yourself

Seeing a call arrive from an unknown number is now very common, but many do not know that some calls hide a very dangerous ulterior motive. In fact, the risks start from a very simple word that one usually says in response to the phone call.

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Many people tend to answer the phone by saying two words "Yes, hello?" and it is precisely one of the two that allows attackers to achieve their objective with silent calls. The latter highlight the automated process that call centers use to speed up their respective commercial practices.

The scam is activated the moment the user says the word "yes". This is because the affirmative answer could be recorded and subsequently fraudulently inserted into an ad hoc conversation. In this way the response can be configured as a consent to the stipulation of a contract, which obviously the user never gave.

These types of phone calls are on the increase and the only way to defend yourself is to never say the word “yes”. If we answer the call we limit ourselves to a simple “Hello” which the scammers will not be able to use in any way when signing a contract or an offer.

If when you answer, we don’t hear any words, we now know what’s on the other end of the phone, this way you can end the call quickly and report that number as dangerous. Therefore, from today silent calls will no longer be a problem and cannot cause any type of damage.