Are you tired of Google Drive? Here are the best free alternatives, they will never make you regret Big G’s cloud storage service.

Google Drive currently represents the best you can look for from a cloud storage service. We are talking about a completely free platform, available by creating a simple account with Gmail and which gives you the opportunity to enjoy an ecosystem interconnected with all the other services made available by the Mountain View company.

The best free alternatives to Google Drive (Screenshot)

But what if we told you that there are free alternatives that perform just as well? You probably never informed yourself enough or didn’t pay attention to it, but the market has long offered some fantastic services that give you the opportunity to enjoy many gigabytes of cloud storage space and will never make you regret what you could have again. do with Google Drive. Here are some of the best ever, in a few seconds you will have created the account and will be ready to save whatever you want.

Free Alternatives to Google Drive: These are the best

You can officially say goodbye to Google Drive if you are tired of the service that Big G offers you for cloud storage. In fact, there are a long series of equally free alternatives that give you the opportunity to take advantage of even more storage space without having to think about anything anymore. So that each of your files will always be safe and ready to be recovered through intelligent division into folders.

Dropbox is among the most valid alternatives to Google Drive (Screenshot)

Let’s start with what is probably the best service ever if you need a lot of memory. That is, pCloud, which guarantees up to 10 TB of extra space that you can use at any time. Compatible with both Windows, Mac and Linux, there is also a smartphone version on Android and iOS.

Also very interesting and well-known is Dropbox, whose maximum expandable space is 5 TB by paying a monthly price of up to 9.99 euros if you want all the premium services included. You can also activate it both from Windows and Mac and from Android and iOS. For iPhone and Mac owners, iCloud cannot fail to be mentioned. Available by default on Apple devices, it offers subscriptions from 0.99 euros and can reach up to 2 TB of memory. With full and total syncing available by default by signing in with the same Apple ID.