What are we talking about if we reflect on the most powerful smartphones in the world? Of these five models that are stratospheric: what do they have in common.

Depending on your budget, you always try to buy the best smartphone possible. But the idea of ​​the best smartphone changes if objective performance is taken into consideration.

What the most powerful smartphones in the world have in common

Especially for those looking for an object that is truly reliable for a long time, as powerful as a small computer and capable of working even in conditions of high stress, it is necessary to look at products that are universally considered more powerful.

A few weeks ago the annual ranking of the best smartphones according to AnTuTu parameters was released. And apparently, if you compare the performance of the flagship models, it immediately becomes clear that in the top five positions, and even going down a bit in the top 10, what these devices have in common is under the body and not on the box.

The five best and most powerful smartphones of the moment

Depending on what you need if you are looking for your dream smartphone, you may or may not have to settle for devices with average performance. But dreaming costs nothing and this is why the rankings that put the most famous products under stress are always very interesting.

There is a detail that unites all the best smartphones in the world

Among the points of reference for portable devices are the periodic rankings of AnTuTu, which recently published the ranking with the 10 best flagship phones. And the five best have one thing in common. In addition to having scored over 1500000, they have another element that distinguishes them: they all have a Snapdragon 8 SoC.

The device in fifth position is the Nubia Z 50 in the 12 GB model plus 512 GB of internal memory which features the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2; in fourth position we find the Galaxy s23 + which still features the Snapdragon 8 gen 2 OC version. Bronze medal for another Galaxy s23, the Ultra model which compared to the + version has greater RAM and greater internal memory.

The second most powerful smartphone in the world is the MI 13 while the phone with the best performance overall is the IQOO 12, which comes in first place because instead of having the second generation Snapdragon 8 it already has the third generation and can still count on 16 GB of RAM 512 GB of internal memory.

But how much do these high-performance flagships cost? Returning to third in the ranking, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is available on the official Samsung website for just under a thousand euros. And you would think that this should be the base price even for the two products that scored higher.

But, and surprisingly, Xiaomi’s MI 13 can be found at around 650 euros. However, what is perhaps even more interesting is that the model was the best overall, so the VIVO IQOO 12 can be purchased online for the same price: around 650 euros.