Car thefts have increased in 2023, but here is the solution to safeguard and protect your vehicles. All you need is a few euros.

We have just entered 2024, there are many expectations and hopes for this year. In Italy in 2023 we have come across many problems, including a clear increase in crimes and thefts. There is always a great hope for greater protection and protection of the citizen, a common and above all recurring necessity.

Theft alarm in Italy – Sjbeez

The sudden increase in crime terrifies Italians by placing them in an unpleasant and highly uncomfortable situation due to the feeling of lack of protection for both themselves and their loved ones. Therefore, protecting and defending oneself have become citizens’ priorities, also given the new methods and strategies implemented to carry out illegal actions.

Vehicle thefts: you can finally say goodbye to them

In recent years, very unpleasant events have happened in our country. Young people found themselves at the mercy of their peers, victims of violence and unfortunate events. Online scams and home thefts are also on the rise. Precisely because of the great strides we are making from a technological point of view, some of the oldest scams, such as car thefts, are on the increase, also thanks to the numerous electronic devices that bypass the security systems of our cars.

Salind GPS – Sjbeez

Mainly the regions that are most affected are those of the Centre-South, Campania, Puglia, Sicily and Lazio. The cars most subject to theft are small and medium-sized cars or SUVs, thanks to their high demand also for components. According to recent surveys, there will be more than 100,000 cars stolen in 2023 in Italy and the most chosen are: Fiat Panda, 500, 500X, Toyota RAV4 and Jeep Compass. Unfortunately, we must also consider that there is not yet a safe way to protect your vehicles but a temporary solution could be the Salind GPS locator, a small device capable of detecting the position of your car, after being installed and with 90 days of autonomy.

The product is small in size and tracks the location of your vehicle in real time directly from the free application on your mobile phone. You can attach it using its magnet and the app also works as a navigator to guide you to the location of your vehicle. It also has many alerts, all of which can be managed and selected from the app settings and include the detection of speeding, low battery, vibration and exit or entry into a pre-selected zone. The device keeps and ensures your data for 365 days and currently represents the best product for safeguarding your vehicles.