Do you want to understand if your neighbor uses your WiFi line? To get to the bottom of it you have to pay attention to one detail: here’s what it is.

Most homes are equipped with a WiFi network that allows quick and instant web access. Over time, doubts may arise as to whether someone is relying on your network and to understand if this is actually the case you need to know a particular detail, this will allow for an in-depth check and will provide a precise answer.

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Today, most WiFi connections are equipped with a complex password, which allows external users not to use the service at our expense. Generally, connecting to a protected network is not easy but it can happen that the password ends up in the hands of an external user, who would then use the connection.

How to find out if your neighbor uses the WiFi line: the instructions you need to know

It is not at all pleasant to have the doubt that your neighbor is using your WiFi network. Also because it would mean that he has come into possession of the reference password. To remove any doubts that may have arisen previously, there is a very simple method to implement.

Instructions for checking the list of users connected to the wireless network – ()

To find out if an external user is using the wireless connection without permission, open Google Chrome and type the numeric code in the URL bar. Once entered you will be directed to the modem management page which can be accessed by entering the word “admin” as the user and password. This term must be entered in both sections.

After logging in you will need to go to the router’s WiFi settings where there will be a list of users connected to the reference network. In this way it will be possible to carry out a check to verify whether or not the list contains external users, who normally should not be in the list. If you discover an unknown name, you can disconnect it from the network by replacing the password with a personal one.

Inserting a new keyword will allow you to keep external users away, always remembering to use complex words along the lines of the default one. By following these instructions there will no longer be any doubts about whether someone is using the connection. In a very short time we will arrive at an answer that will allow us to improve the security of the home network.