If you want to go viral on TikTok, there’s a trick you should apply right away. Use these ‘hooks’ and your numbers will increase immediately.

An ever-increasing number of users in recent years are cultivating the dream of becoming an influencer. So you can earn and live simply by publishing content of your interest on various social platforms and climbing the rankings with followers and interaction. One of the most user-friendly social networks in this sense is undoubtedly TikTok.

A brilliant trick to go viral on TikTok

Which can benefit from a meritocratic system to be able to make even videos published by newly created accounts go viral. The important thing is to use the right hashtags, ride the trends and implement some practical tricks. Today we are talking to you in particular about three ‘hooks’ that you should always take into consideration.

They appear basic and simple, but in reality they will give you the opportunity to end up in the For You lists of many people. So that views will skyrocket and, with them, also the number of likes, comments and followers. In short, a way to control the algorithm and not vice versa.

Going viral on TikTok: the three ‘hooks’ to try immediately

Thanks to these three ‘hooks’ that we will tell you about, it will be possible to go viral on TikTok in no time. These are some useful tricks to use at the beginning of your videos and which are totally “algorithm-friendly”. In this way, you will have almost the mathematical certainty of going viral, especially if the content is well-curated and has good quality and a duration similar to the needs of the social network.

The three ‘hooks’ to try to make our TikToks go viral

The first of these hooks is "Don’t make this mistake." A phrase as simple as it is effective. The user who finds it in front of him will be intrigued to understand what this mistake is being made and what the possible consequences are. He will most likely watch the whole TikTok, to fix it and not make the same mistake again.

Another useful hook for going viral is "Only 1% of you know this." As you can imagine, exclusivity has always been a factor of interest on the web (and beyond). Thinking that you can discover unique information that practically no one knows is a factor to take into consideration. Both to attract people and to go viral.

Finally "I’ll reveal a trick to you", the last hook with keywords designed exactly to go viral. A direct contact is created between creator and viewer, with the combination of words attracting attention. The trick could apply to anything, but the fact that it is only revealed in that particular video means that you don’t have the intention of scrolling down before you have to.