For those who want to give a gift to their grandparents and find the perfect smartphone, there is excellent news, the market offers many models.

It’s not as simple as we might think, because choosing a new cell phone for an elderly person is a completely different thing than orienting the purchase for your own needs. There are many cell phone models on the market that are also suitable for those who are no longer 20 years old, but you need to know how to identify the right characteristics.

Even the elderly want to use cell phones –

The needs of an “over”, in fact, are obviously different from those who use a mobile phone to play, video call colleagues and friends, surf the internet and work. But at the same time, some features must be present, even for an elderly person who does not want to feel excluded from using technology.

How to choose the perfect smartphone for your grandparents

We said that cell phones for the elderly are designed to better meet their needs, but it doesn’t mean that grandparents don’t know how to use WhatsApp, just to give an example. Here, to choose the most suitable smartphone we can look at some fundamental characteristics. A mobile phone for the elderly must be easy to use and have some features, such as:

What are the best phones for the elderly – Large, clearly visible and backlit buttons; quick call buttons to be programmed; high ringer volume; emergency/SOS button; long battery life.

These are the fundamental aspects to consider when choosing a mobile phone that is also suitable for the elderly. Among the models available today, however, we also find other features. For example, there are two brands that currently satisfy most needs, namely Brondi and Panasonic.

Some Brondi mobile phones for the elderly, for example, also have smart functions and the possibility of installing WhatsApp or making video calls. In this case we are talking about Feature Phone. Currently the best cell phones for the elderly are different and many models are produced by Brondi:

Brondi Sincere FriendBrondi Unique FriendBrondi Friend HomeBrondi Boss 4GBrondi Friend Smartphone Pocket

Looking further into the “Boss 4G” model, we discover that this mobile phone is a cross between an essential device and a smartphone with more complex functions, because it has both WhatsApp and Skype pre-installed and can surf the Internet.

The screen is large and in color (3.5″) and thanks to the excellent 5 megapixel camera it allows the user to make video calls. Last but not least, the price of this device is really accessible, because it is around 57 euros.