In a short time, a video on TikTok went viral, making a new cleaning trend popular, but be careful when replicating it.

We are always looking for simple, safe and effective ways to clean our things, but too often those presented in TikTok trends are simply not enough. A new example of a not-so-great, but extremely popular cleaning trick is one that requires you to clean your pillows in a tub full of particular substances.

Watch out for this TikTok trend: it could be harmful to the bedroom (

Even if you need to wash your pillows at least twice a year, you certainly don’t have to do it as people say on social networks. There are two reasons why it is not good to use this recipe, especially in the large quantities needed to clean entire pillows in a tub full of water. Below, let’s discover them together.

Watch out for the TikTok trend: here’s why you shouldn’t clean pillows this way

One of the latest TikTok trends suggests washing pillows with lemon or lemon juice. What’s not good is the citrus element this citrus provides. First, citric acid can degrade tissue. Studies on the effects of citric acid on tissue have found that tensile strength can be damaged by a pH of 2.7 to 3, while lemon juice has a pH of 2 to 3.

Don’t clean your pillows this way: the TikTok trick is very dangerous

Second, citrus fruits have bleaching properties, which might not seem like a big deal if your pillows are white, but could cause damage if you put them back in pillowcases or on dark sheets. On the contrary, it is recommended to wash pillows in the bathtub. The latter can be considered an all-purpose cleaner, similar to a huge dishwasher, because it is a great place to clean a large amount of things.

After vacuuming the cushions and removing any stains, you can immerse them in a bathtub with warm water and a spoonful of detergent. This mode can be done for any type of pillow, but is absolutely necessary for memory foam. Simply wring out the pillow about three times, submerging it completely each time, then drain the tub and fill it with clean water.

After eliminating all the soap, you need to let out the excess water. You can also wring out the pillow in a towel to remove more water, then let it dry completely in the air, in the sun or under a fan. Washing them in the washing machine is also equally easy and recommended. Simply add half a cup of bleach to your regular detergent.