Chiara Ferragni continues her very negative moment. Her latest attack comes from TikTok, where a video about her that has gone viral is circulating.

Chiara Ferragni is increasingly in the storm, the blow to her credibility this time comes from TikTok where a user of the social network wanted to let off steam with a bit of irony. Here’s what happened and why many don’t forgive her for this last fact either.

Chiara Ferragni attacked with new videos on TikTok, the reason is very serious – photo via Instagram @chiaraferragni

New accusations are raining down against Chiara Ferragni who until recently was an undisputed myth for many people. However, after the Balocco Pink Christmas Pandoro affair, things changed. The Antitrust fined her and the confectionery company more than 1 million euros for making users believe that by buying pandoro they would be contributing to cancer research. Now even the Milan prosecutor’s office has opened a case.

Chiara Ferragni, more controversy for the influencer

From that moment on, many users turned against the Ferragnezs, calling them scammers and now their image is in serious danger. As if that wasn’t enough, the operation relating to Dolci Preziosi’s Easter eggs for which the influencer was the testimonial is also being investigated. But here with a viral video he has added new fuel to the fire. While one of her shops in Rome was vandalized, social attacks on Chiara Ferragni continue.

Chiara Ferragni new controversy on social media-Photo: TikTok @nenecadonii-(

As mentioned, this time it’s a girl, a simple TikTok user, the twenty-one-year-old Sardinian Irene Cadoni, who posted a video in which, in front of the Christmas tree, she pretends to exchange gifts with a friend, Giulia. . However, the two girls have nothing in their hands because nothing has arrived from the influencer’s official shop. "Thank you @chiaraferragnibrand, congratulations also for the excellent customer service" wrote the young woman, who was disappointed by the incident. You had ordered the products on November 26th but nothing arrived.

As mentioned, the cute video quickly went viral. Other users took the opportunity to report the non-arrival of their products from the digital entrepreneur’s shop. Someone wrote that they had placed the order the month before and that nothing had yet arrived. Another last year waited 2 months for a ring and since he didn’t receive anything he asked for a refund. Among the comments there are also those who attack the unfortunate buyers: “it’s your fault for buying from her” someone accuses. What is certain is that this is not a good advertisement for the model who is not experiencing one of her best periods.