If you haven’t already, it’s time to download the IO App and embrace the digital future that awaits us.

A few years ago there was a lot of talk about the IO app, which was developed to become one of the main methods of accessing one’s “digital identity”. IO immediately established itself as the method par excellence for accessing the SPID, the controversial system that makes it possible to access certain online services, and now it seems to be ready to take a further step and become even more “digital”.

The IO App is redefining the way we interact with public services – Sjbeez

In fact, a great innovation will be introduced shortly: in addition to the digital identity, the “digital wallet” will also arrive, a tool thanks to which citizens will be able to store important bureaucratic documents such as the driving license, the health card or even the electoral card in digital format. .

The IO App and an increasingly digital future

The main focus of this innovation is to simplify the lives of citizens. With the IO App, you can now store, review and share important documents quickly and securely. This digitalisation not only makes processes faster but also ensures unprecedented security of personal data. Imagine accessing public services with a simple touch on your smartphone: this is the future that the IO App is making reality.

The evolution of the IO App into a digital wallet represents a turning point in the digitalisation of Italy – Sjbeez

This is not only a step forward for Italy, but also an alignment with the European Union directives. The project, in line with the European digital identity wallet, aims to provide a secure and immediate mechanism for online identification and sharing of personal information. So, get ready to say goodbye to old authentication methods like Spid.

The transition to this digital wallet marks a definitive farewell to the Spid. With the IO App, all digital identity documents will be accessible in one place, significantly simplifying interaction with public services. It’s a change that promises to reduce bureaucracy and increase efficiency, offering citizens an unparalleled user experience.

Downloading and using the IO App is a pretty simple process. Available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, the IO App is within reach of all smartphone users. With just a few clicks, you can enter a world of efficient and secure digital services. As for the digital wallet, indications will soon arrive from the institutions and it will be possible to store the main personal documents in digital format.