Having trouble paying your car tax? No fear! Now it is possible to pay it with Paypal in three installments! Here’s how you have to do it.

The tax we least like to pay is the car tax; the car is already a source of serious worries: when we have to buy it the outlay is considerable plus it is necessary, apart from the legal obligation, to take out insurance and this also affects the family budget.

Can’t pay the tax? Now you can do it in three installments-Sjbeez

Not to mention the maintenance, the accidents that can happen, in short, a lot of money for something that we then need more for work than anything else. The tax is added to all this therefore, given the general economic situation, it weighs on our finances. Precisely due to the general situation of families, who fight every day to make ends meet, even a not excessive amount to be paid once a year can become problematic.

The tax is also paid based on the type of car so maybe if we have an average car, even if the amount is not high, it still has an impact on the family budget. There have been concessions from the government for some categories such as the disabled or those who have a vintage car but that’s not enough.

Here’s how to pay your car tax in three installments via Paypal

Anyone who owns a vehicle must pay the tax, even if it is not circulating on the streets but has been in a garage for years. This tax must absolutely be paid. The figures vary according to the car and also according to the region to which it belongs, because being a regional tax, there may be different resolutions. For example, in Lombardy and Campania, those who pay the tax with direct debit have a 15% discount on the amount and the commission for the debit is only 1 euro.

Don’t worry about the tax! Now you can pay it in installments with paypal-Sjbeez

Now, however, throughout the national territory we can opt for another type of payment that gives us a breath of fresh air: electronic payment via Paypal in three instalments. You can do it via the IO app and choose Paypal as your preferred payment option or, when you are about to make the online payment via ACI or another entity authorized to collect car tax, you choose Elon Musk’s former platform for the transaction.

You can choose to pay in three installments without interest and without additional costs. The first installment is immediate, the other two in the following months by debiting the credit card or the account associated with Paypal. A little help but it can help us breathe a little.