If you like playing with words and think you can guess them easily, this is the test for you: try it now.

The tests are a fun way to challenge your skills in a few seconds and to see if you are really as good as you expected, having fun in a light and fun game.

Only one term connects all these images – Sjbeez

If you think you’re really good at solving riddles and that none of them can get you into trouble, then this is the test for you: all you have to do is look at the image above and be able to find what is the only word capable of connecting the three drawings proposed as clues.

To make this test a little more difficult you should know that you will have a time limit to respect, which corresponds to a maximum of 30 seconds, and after that you will have no more chances to guess what this mysterious term is. For this reason I suggest you set a timer so you can play according to this one rule and only when it reaches zero can you continue reading to find out the result of the test and understand if you really managed to guess the mysterious word in question.

The word test: have you figured out which one it is?

To give you another little help in solving this test, you should know that the mysterious term to guess is made up of 10 letters.

And did you find the right word? – Sjbeez

Know that if by chance you fail to solve this test you don’t really have to worry, since you will have several other opportunities of this kind to test your skills. Returning to the test itself, if the 30 seconds have passed, you will be able to find the result below. The word you should have guessed was: photography.

Each clue can be linked to it in the following ways:• The red light: this is the color of the light you get when you are inside a darkroom, i.e. the place where photographs are developed• The newspaper: in this case it is the term print that connects both to the newspaper and to photography, given that both are printed • Primary colours: obviously for a photographer it is essential to know the right use of colours, given that they are one of the main tools it has to be able to create an excellent atmosphere within the images. And did you guess?