You can choose a sustainable postal voucher, with a reward for all those who keep it fixed until it expires: the unmissable offer.

Postal bonds are instruments issued that offer savers the opportunity to invest their funds with guaranteed returns. These tools are particularly popular in Italy and are valued for security and stability. However, now it is possible to take advantage of a sustainable offer for those who manage to hold it until it expires.

The sustainable postal voucher arrives – Credits: Poste Italiane TGPoste –

Poste Italiane’s Sustainable Savings Voucher emerges as an interesting solution for small Italian savers looking for short and medium-term investments. Following the latest interest rate updates by the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, postal savings bonds are becoming increasingly competitive compared to BTPs.

According to the Findomestic observatory, only 37% of Italians have set aside around 8% of their monthly income, with only 35% investing in government bonds and remunerated savings accounts. More and more people prefer postal savings bonds, pushing Poste Italiane to increase interest rates and launch new products such as the Sustainable Savings Bond.

Sustainable postal voucher, expiry reward and benefits: the latest offer

This financial instrument stands out for its fixed return of 2.5% and not only that, given that it also offers rewards relating to the maturity and those who manage to keep one until the set date. Owning one can be really convenient. Knowing all the details of the offer is therefore important to understand why to have one.

All the advantages of the new Sustainable Postal Voucher – Credits: Poste Italiane TGPoste –

The instrument that we will present to you today stands out from the others for its fixed return of 2.5% gross, but above all for its additional premium at maturity, linked to sustainability. The ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria inspire the Sustainable Savings Voucher, allowing an assessment of the sustainability of a company in environmental, social and management terms. With a duration of 7 years, the Voucher guarantees a fixed return until the expiring day.

At the time of reimbursement, in addition to the principal and interest, a premium linked to the performance of the STOXX Europe 600 ESG-X index is paid. The annual return varies over the seven years, starting from 0.50% in the first year and reaching 2.50% in the last year. The premium at maturity is calculated on the basis of the percentage participation in the positive performance of the STOXX Europe 600 ESG-X index.

All companies that do not comply with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Sustainalytics ESG Impact Framework are excluded from this postal voucher. In this context, therefore, the Sustainable Savings Voucher presents itself as an interesting choice for those who wish to combine savings management with sustainability principles, offering an attractive financial option in the panorama of short and medium-term investments.