Finally the solution to avoid fines and losses of your savings. Speed ​​cameras will no longer be a problem.

It may happen that you find yourself on roads that you don’t know perfectly and come across speed cameras that aren’t marked on the maps or that you have little knowledge of. It therefore happens that you are detected by these tools and then receive a fine at home. Article number 142 states that the administrative fine for those who exceed the speed limit starts from 42 euros and can reach up to 2,170 euros and in some cases also involves the suspension of the driving license for 1 to 3 months.

Goodbye fines – Sjbeez

Each speed camera is reported within 4km of it via signs, however it can happen that you are distracted by other road events and do not notice any warnings. During 2022, more than 40 million euros were collected in Italy due to fines recorded by speed cameras. Florence is the first city for collections due to these speed detectors with as many as 23 million.

Finally the solution to say goodbye to fines

Leaving for a holiday and finding yourself on roads that are unknown to us can therefore prove to be very treacherous. The speed cameras are in fact placed in hidden points, behind curves and with little visible outlets. Having a detector for these threats would therefore be appropriate. There are many applications that help us like Waze, but it is a navigation system and not a danger detector or speed camera.

Saphe Drive Mini – Sjbeez

Precisely for this reason there is Saphe Drive Mini, a small device that works via Bluetooth connection with an application on your smartphone. The product in question keeps track of fixed and mobile speed cameras, active traffic lights and tutors, traffic accidents and dangers on the road. Saphe Drive Mini allows you to decide when to be warned of any sign on our road and also has a special Smart Alarm function, if activated, which is able to not warn us if there is a speed camera but with the vehicle in the permitted limits.

The strong point of this object is its size, little more than a matchbox, it weighs very little and has a USB port for charging which lasts a long time. By paying only 65 euros we will finally be able to avoid getting into an accident or having to spend our savings to compensate for some fine. And what would you prefer? Pay 65 euros once and save for the rest of your life, or continue to be dominated by fines?

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