In these hours the dates regarding the payment of the Single Allowance have popped up: these are the days chosen for the next few months.

The Single Allowance is one of the economic support measures aimed at Italian families with children under the age of 21. As everyone knows, this measure is independent of personal income and aims to simplify and rationalize public interventions to support parenting and families. For this reason it has also been renewed for 2024, with the dates that have emerged in these hours.

The dates for the payment of the Single Allowance are appearing in 2024 –

This type of support is paid monthly and guarantees constant support to all families throughout the year. The payment dates are established by INPS and are made known through an official calendar. Its amount varies based on different components. Among these we find the age of the children, the number of dependent children and above all the economic situation of the family receiving this support.

In addition to providing economic support to families, the Single Allowance includes a specific component aimed at combating educational poverty. With this aid the aim is to simplify subsidies for Italian families. There are several who have wondered when the check will be paid in January. Now, however, the answer comes directly from INPS which has decided to release the official calendar.

Single Check, the payment dates for the next few months: check the calendar

The single and universal allowance will continue to be paid during 2024 to support families with children up to 21 years of age. The disbursement takes place monthly. To provide greater clarity on the credit dates, INPS, in collaboration with the Bank of Italy, has published the payment calendar for 2024, which covers the period from January to June.

When the single check will be paid, here are the dates – Credits: Ansa Foto –

The calendar provides the following payment dates for beneficiaries:

17, 18, 19 January 2024;16, 19, 20 February 2024;18, 19, 20 March 2024;17, 18, 19 April 2024;15, 16, 17 May 2024;17, 18, 19 June 2024.

It is important to note that these dates do not apply to all beneficiaries, but are specific to those who are already receiving the single allowance. Those awaiting payment of the first installment must follow a different timetable, with the first payment usually taking place during the last week of the month following the submission of the application.

Another significant point highlighted by INPS concerns the need to present a new Single Declaration (DSU) to obtain the ISEE. In fact, even if a new application is not required in 2024, it is essential to obtain the updated ISEE to ensure that the allowance amounts are congruent with the actual economic situation.

The pre-compiled form of the DSU, accessible online, simplifies the process of obtaining the ISEE. Families are not required to reapply every year unless there are changes in the family unit.