There’s a TikTok trick you should try now to get selfies with super smooth and flawless skin. So say goodbye to filters forever.

Who has never taken a selfie and been dissatisfied with the final result obtained? Especially when you use the native app of your smartphone and you don’t want to apply annoying filters that could affect the naturalness of the photo obtained.

How to take perfect selfies without filters with the new TikTok trick

Most likely you didn’t know it yet, but there is a secret trick available on TikTok that could be exactly for you. Having gone viral in recent days, it was revealed by a creator who by pure chance made a shocking discovery. Just follow these steps and in a few moments you will have impressive selfies in your hands. With your skin always looking very smooth and perfect, without having to apply even a filter.

Selfie with perfect skin, just use TikTok: how makeup works

It is a trick that is as simple to apply as it is brilliant. Using this trick discovered on TikTok, you will always have selfies with your skin looking very smooth and perfect. Just like when you use beauty filters designed to apply some changes to the shot that make you beautiful to look at. But evidently not truthful, considering the careful eye that all users now have.

Try this quick selfie trick on TikTok now

If you follow these steps, you can sometimes get even better results and you won’t have to give up the naturalness of the shot. As explained by a creator on the ByteDance platform, you just need to open the TikTok app and access the section dedicated to creating a new video. At this point, activate the internal camera and take your selfie. Nothing else, save everything in the Gallery and you will have a self-timer with an incredible visual result in your hands.

You can also make one yourself using the smartphone’s native app and then make a comparison. You will notice how, in the selfie taken with TikTok, your skin will appear much smoother and almost perfect. This is because the Chinese social network app automatically applies a sort of filter, but which in reality is almost invisible and will give a natural effect to the photo. Incredible but true, say goodbye to third-party apps or filters found on TikTok itself or on Instagram, this quick little trick is enough for you.